Whats gonna be your legacy?

Are we alone together, or together alone?

As we slowly are easing towards a new normality the Coronavirus has send us all a kind reminder of the importance to live in the present moment. Dwelling too much about the past or trying the predict and control the future seems a bit pointless, as the majority of us did not see this coming. Most likely a new reality is waiting for us around the corner and challenges of «adjustment disorder» most be replaced with adapting and thinking in a new and proactive way. Are we comfortable being around others or has it been replaced by » I can do this online»?
Are we creating more distance between us, or are we actually getting more close and united? Are we alone together, or together alone?

Some business are booming

Some business are booming whilst others are struggling for their survival.
The point is ,what do you want to be remembered for during these times, or what measurements has your company taken to move forward. Personally i have invested in my own personal growth, friends and family and will soon also be able to offer my Seminar Neuro Sales online. Although I prefer to be conducting seminars live and in interaction with my clients I found it necessary to also be able to do this online.


I would be very grateful if you leave a comment or send me a private message to larsa.life@gmail.com, and share your experiences and opinions.


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