Are you living at Cause of life, or are you living at Effect of Life?

Are you living at Cause of life, or are you living at Effect of Life?

In this 7th article I will explain these powerfull belief principals of Cause and Effect based on society’s present situation. During the last 3 weeks I have had the privilege to actually meet and talk to several interesting people and business leaders for the first time since the lockdown. It has in general been a very positive experience to listen and learn how we are all differently dealing with the current situation. In particularly how we are planning to more forward.
During the conversations there were 2 questions I focused on.


1) Are we gonna do everything online in the future?
2) What is good Leadership during these difficult times?

Before exploring my findings let me just briefly return to Cause and Effect which are very associated to the above questions.

When we are living at Cause we have control on our lives, we take responsibility in what we do, and we are constantly looking at proactive ways of learning, moving forward and becoming better versions of ourselves. We are curious in progressing, and when approaching new ventures we are allowing ourselves to screw up and moving on, realising its just part of our learning process in becoming succesfull.

When we are living at Effect of life we have a tendency to become a victim of everything that does not really go the way we planned it to go. We feel out of control, and it seems life just happens without actually having any sense of direction. We don’t make our own decisions – life sort of makes them for us, and regardless we don’t take responsibility of any lack of actions.

Now from my point of view I will always work on finding a healthy balance for myself and my clients. Whether we are living at Cause or at Effect we will work together how to find balance and harmony.

This weekend I was back in the classroom for the first time in 3 month and I experienced a feeling of joyfulness being present with people again, which was both emotional and overwhelming. Everybody was happy and excited which bring me back to the first question.

Working Online has for me served a great purpose during the lockdown, and this fantastic technology we have managed to get the best out of the situation. But I don’t think it will ever replace the feeling and energy of being together live. We are in general social beings that live and thrive of each other, and I don’t think we can live without being together. Actually I felt that we are all becoming closer and realize the importance of presence.

I had me reflect that the future workplace will probably offer flexibility to workers in a combination of home office and being at the actual office.

To the second question about good Leadership Practise. From everything i have learned about Leadership through my own experiences and my resent talks with a selection of leaders, I will summarize my findings in this sentence .

» Lead the process not the result »

When we are leading the process we are part of something bigger and more significant that inspire us to be part of the journey. I my opinion People, Leaders and Companys that are focused on the process leading to the result, offers flexibility for its workers, will be winners in the future. This is regardless if we have to upsize, downsize or maintain during current circumstance. Its in the tough times we learn about ourselves and what we are made of. This is what we will remember going forward.

Thank you for reading this and please remember to chill out and enjoy the moment. Think about this! How many times in life do we actually have time, as this lock down offered us, to just do what we want. Appreciate it and enjoy it. It will all be ok again.

With Love

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