About me

Performance coach
“True self discovery lies in looking at your life through new eyes”

Marcel Proust


The Lars A Experience is a highly regarded sales performance consultancy whose clients have included some of the leading business executives and sales organizations in the world. Lars´s passion, his communication skills and authenticity create powerful and emotional moments that produce passion and “can do attitude’. Lars is genuine and committed to support his clients and organizations to truly reach their full potential.

Prior to conducting consultancy, sales seminars and performance coaching Lars held a solid track record in Sales management and Business development, with over 20 year experience from Multinational Companies.

How can I help?

Most Business or people will face the feeling that they stand in front of a crossroad in some areas and not really knowing where to go. When they look to the left, they find familiar and safe surroundings. When they look to the right, the path looks uncertain. Even though it looks uncertain, they also know that path has a lot of thrill, beauty, and excitement.

Which road will You Take?

Sounds Familiar, Good this where I come in.

But before choosing which path to take and deciding if you need a Coach take a look at the below questions and ask yourself honestly how you or your business are doing in these areas?

  • Are your business goals and strategies clear and is the state of mind of your organization filled with maximized energy, focus, and engagement to achieve it?
  • Have you as an Executive developed the habits that will allows you and your team to reach target goals? Are you getting the most out of the time – also privately?
  • How is your onboarding program for your sales organization? Are you dedicating time to fully integrate your newcomer into your corporations values and beliefs? As a new starter in a company – how do you feel about your decision to start in your new position?
  • As a manager are you asking the right questions and allowing the Sales people to find their own answers? Are you being heard as a seller? Is there a good feedback within the organization?
  • Do you know the difference between mentoring and coaching people to success?
  • Have you accessed the sellers needs for affirmation or their need for development, new skills, knowledge and development. Do you as a seller feel this or is there a hidden potential within you that is being overlooked.
  • Do you understand the motivators of each individual seller and take action to maximize them.
  • Does the seller feels the same?
  • If you as a business owner, HR director or senior executive say yes to the above your are in great shape.
  • If you feel there are room for improvement why not Contact me for a free initial Discovery Session to learn what we can do for each other.
Contact me for high performance mini course

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