How to become a high performer through focus on though processes and behaviors

I´m Lars Adolfsen Danish of origin but live in Spain. I have developed my own high performance program GO BEYOND WHAT YOU KNOW to help people & companies reach their full potential. I specialize in revealing the limiting beliefs and patterns in our mindset that are preventing us from achieving High Performance, maximum results, and a life with internal freedom and peace. It´s HARD AND YOU HAVE TO BE COMMITTED, but lasting results comes when we step outside of our comfort zone and change our lives for the better. I am authentic and straight forward and will participate actively with my clients to achieve better results and more life quality. A High Performance mindset occurs when we are in balance and operate from a “know nothing state.

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Mind, body and physical sensations are linked systems
Our mental constructs determine the results we experience, so our suffering can be seen as a byproduct of these constraints. In order to realize our potential, I help people step outside of the world as they have always known it to finally identify what mental constructs have been holding them back and change their lives for the better.

Our clients testimonials

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Lasse Andersen
Oscar Alquiler de Coches
Country Manager

 We partnered up with Lars halfway into our pre-launch. Lars immediately identified not only the low-hanging fruits, but the deeper problem we had in not being able to convert leads effectively. Throughout multiple training sessions, we significantly improved our sales performance and conversion rate. 

Later in the process, Lars worked closely one-on-one sessions with our talents, to further strengthen their mindset, both in business and personal. Happy and healthy employees perform better. We would not have reached these heights without Lars. 

We extend our highest recommendations to engage with Lars, to take your organization’s performance to the next level. 

Riccardo Difonzo

Today I had a very positive experience with Lars during our mental coaching. It was very interesting, Lars introduced me to many things I was not aware of, especially on the mental part and on the way to approach in a positive way to everyday life. I’m sure this will also give me a big helping hand in the workplace to increase my performance

Nicoletta Spaggiari

un seminario direi innovativo e soprattutto costruttivo…un ottima preparazione.

Carlos Fernandez

Seminario muy interesante. donde se han tocados distintos puntos y estrategias tanto animicas como comportamientos personales donde normalmente no se presta atencion, las cuales son muy importantes que el cliente al otro lado del telefono las puede detectar y son las herramientas fundamentales para la venta. Me he quedado con ganas de mas.

Mirko Bruno

hey Lars, I would summarize your course as enlightening; it gave me a positive vibe. I think it’s great to think “out of the box”. I like NLP and have applied certain techniques in the past toactively change my character so I see the benefits in your motivational training.

Sanna Enoksson

I enjoyed it because it was eye opening. I mean… i even bought two books just because of the seminar. Very interesting.

Ole Christian Sandvoll
Ole Christian Sandvoll
Bambus AS
Marketing manager

Lars A really helped me overcome my fears and become a way more motivated business leader. He helped me bring back my focus and pushed me to find a way to motivate myself even on the tough days. Would really recommend Lars A to everyone who would like to become better, more motivated, and achieve their goals. Form salespeople to executive leaders.


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